Constantly assess the needs, realities and values of the customer and set goals to satisfy their needs.


    Continuously develop and maintain a robust supply chain that will help us deliver value to the customer on time and to expectations.


    Our job as creators and engineers is to encourage the catch of the Vitality, Cultural Identity and Spirit of the general population.

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Providing Luxury and Sustainable homes that are; affordable, creatively crafted and of international standards, with memorable satisfaction for all our customers.


BENEVA Designs and homes is not just the design of buildings — it’s the way that buildings fit into the broader context of their inhabitants’ lives


We have Continuously innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies and materials


We’re driven by a desire to deliver outcomes for clients and their customers, in a way that modernises the industry. We use digital engineering, a net zero carbon approach, placing sustainability and great people, at the heart of our organisation. We strive to enhance the lives of people and in the communities where we work.

Beneva homes and designs

Beneva designs and homes Ltd is a full-service design, consulting and construction company actively engaging in different scale of buildings ranging from residential to commercial buildings in various parts of the country over the years.The firm has constantly used driving edge innovation and proceeds with this favorable position with 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM) in plan and documentation.

Maintaining our legacy of innovation in designing, engineering and construction, we continue to add new milestones with every passing year, building excellent infrastructure and creating new opportunities for everyone. Our job as creators and engineers is to encourage the catch of the Vitality, Cultural Identity and Spirit of the general population.Our different arrangement of ventures incorporates business and friendliness, metropolitan and government, mechanical, instructive, notable, social and multi-family lodging offices...


2 & 3 Bedrooms block of flats

Commercial Building containing block of flats with 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms of different sizes with...

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Five bedrooms terrace building

Commercial Building holding a number of 5 bedrooms each with terrace; sitting on less than 1000SQM...

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Six bedrooms bungalow with penthouse

Residential Building (Bungalow) occupying less than 500sqm with six bedrooms and a penthouse

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Seven bedrooms duplex with penthouse

Residential duplex building with a perfect interior installation with seven bedrooms and a penthouse

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